Smart IoT applications with Sensative

Whether it be smart city solutions, building automation or any other type of iot applications that you want to realize, we have got the tools for your business.

At Sensative, our goal is to truly make a contribution in building a smart digital future where resources are highly valued and used as efficiently as possible. We could early on see the great potential that big data holds, and we are now at the forefront of harvesting its powerful insights that let us streamline operations to degrees never seen before. By gathering data, it becomes possible to construct a digital twin where you can predict changes, challenges and opportunities, and adapt operations to run optimally based on those insights. No more wasting of resources, whether physical or in the form of time and energy.

Sensative’s powerhouse of innovative and visionary minds are constantly evolving IoT technology and applications. Our versatile and easy-to-use sensors offer a multitude of opportunities, and our horizontal open IoT system Yggio lets you not only use the technology that is offered by us, but any technology that you might want to integrate into your system of operations. As technological developments such as the evolution of Android have shown, the future is built upon open-end solutions where the users are in control and themselves build the optimal setups that are tailor made for their specific needs.  

Our sensors, aka Strips, are very modest in their appearance, and that is for a good reason. What we offer the world is very capable sensors that are easy to install, easy to fit into whatever context they are needed in, and very low maintenance with batteries lasting up to 10 years. Our multi-sensors for LoRaWAN networks with a range of up to 10km are optimal for business operations such as building automation systems where several buildings or installations might be employed and communicating. The sensors offer the possibility to collect a range of data points such as temperature, humidity, light, and movement. With some creative thinking, the possibilities are infinite. Establish what your goal is, how to measure your steps towards it, and let IoT help you reach new heights of innovation and automation.

The open-source based interoperable iot platform Yggio is a revolutionary operating system that in a horizontal manner allows any IoT devices to communicate with each other and exchange data, no matter if these devices are made for siloed vertical end-to-end solutions or not. What Yggio does is allow you to break free from the restraints of constricting solutions, so that whatever opportunity of data collection and adaptive action that you want to realize becomes possible. By the use of open standards, your data will never be lost so you can feel free to use whatever service that suits you best at any given moment. With Yggio serving as the integration layer, you can connect devices, services, networks and ultimately ideas. 

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