IoT starter-kit for Water Leak Risk Management

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Reduce the risk of costly water leaks with our wireless multi-sensors for LoRaWAN. Monitor in real-time through our horizontal IoT platform Yggio, which will set off an alarm in the case of any buildup of water. The extremely thin (3mm) multi-sensors in our IoT starter-kits are easy to implement, has a long range of 10km, and are very low maintenance with a battery life lasting up to 10 years. These water leak sensors are perfect to place in bathrooms and kitchens as well as cramped spaces such as in cellars where it could be difficult to detect a leak before it is too late. Besides their capacitive measuring capabilities, these sensors also offer light (LUX) and temperature measuring as well as magnetic open/close monitoring (such as windows or doors). 

The IoT Starter Kit includes, along with a central unit (a gateway), a collection of water leakage sensors (capacitive sensors) that are preconfigured to make installation as easy and fast as possible. Via the interface, a cloud version of our IoT platform Yggio, you can easily get an overview of connected properties and apartments. You will also have the possibility to export the data to Excel (.csv format).

Read more about our
IoT starter-kit for water leak risk management here.

IoT Starter kits come in three different variants

1) evaluation kit with 3 sensors (PAC 11 003)

2) small starter kit with 15 sensors (PAC 11 004)

3) large starter kits with 35 sensors (PAC 11 005)

For detailed product information visit the webpage or download the product sheet

How to get started with IoT in 30 days

Week 0: Order

Order online or contact us on Fill in documentation regarding the building and current performance

Week 1: Planning

Plan the installation. If you need access to apartments, then make sure to start booking time & date in advance.

Week 2: Delivery

A pre-configured starter-kit will be shipped within ten days from the order, with included instructions on how to get started and how to mount the gateway and devices. We will also schedule a 1-hour training session to go through Yggio to make sure you get a smooth start.

Week 3: Installation

For a facility manager, we expect it to take 1-2 hours to set everything up.


Two months after the order, we will schedule a follow-up session to make sure everything works smoothly and prepare for the next step on your digitalization journey. 


Product information data: 

Connection options (central unit)
Ethernet (Standard); 4G connection (Optional)

Mounting method (sensors)

Adhesives or mounting bracket (screws not included)

Dimensions sensor 195 x 15 x 3 mm 

Radio frequency EU version

863 - 870 MHz

Radio frequency North America version

902 - 928 MHz
Operating conditions  For indoor use
Battery (sensor) Built-in battery 
Protocol LoRaWAN v1.0.3


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