Puck GPS tracker for LoRaWAN

Region (frequency): EU Version (863 - 870 MHz)
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Puck GPS tracker for LoRaWAN

The LoRaWAN-assisted GPS positioning Puck sensor.

  • Diameter 45 mm / Height 30 mm
  • More than ten years battery life @ hourly positioning
  • Replaceable battery
  • Position on demand and/or periodic position reporting
  • NFC for configuration & firmware upgrades
  • Temperature sensor

  • LoRaWAN version 1.0.4

  • LoRaWAN assisted GPS

  • IP67


The Puck GPS Tracker is a sturdy device for LoRaWAN that comes in two executions of the casing. The first is an IP67 version capable of withstanding rain and other outdoor conditions, offering the option to replace the battery as it runs out. The replaceable 2.1 Ah battery lasts approximately ten years while transmitting its current position four times an hour. The other is an IP69 version with ultrasonically welded housing which removes the option to replace the battery but allows the device to be deployed in highly strenuous conditions where there might be sludge, erosion, and similar. 

The Puck GPS Tracker is suitable for any asset tracking. It can be employed to track equipment, vehicles, workers, and other valuable equipment that might be difficult to follow or risk being stolen. Apart from GPS tracking, the sensor also includes temperature monitoring which opens up more use cases such as mapping out spots in water pools where temperatures are high enough to encourage bacterial growth.

The tracker includes NFC to simplify the network onboarding and enable the user to configure the device or upgrade the firmware using a smartphone and Sensative’s app.

Click here for more information, including product sheets, manuals, and tutorials.

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