Radon for LoRaWAN

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Radon for LoRaWAN

Industrial-quality sensor for real-time monitoring of radon levels and indoor air quality for building automation systems

The Box Radon Sensor has entered the stage to fill a gap that has been left for too long. Today, most radon sensors are placed in certain areas to collect data for 24 hours or more to be analyzed afterward. By combining state-of-the-art radon sensor technology with an excellent wireless communication range using LoRaWAN, the device will reliably deliver real-time updates (up to 6 times or more per hour) that can swiftly indicate when conditions are concerning and require action. This is essential as conditions can change drastically due to changes in airflow (open windows, doors, changes in ventilation) or leakage from gas equipment (ovens, stoves, and similar).

The Box Radon Sensor is suitable for all indoor environments where it is essential to keep optimal and safe conditions for inhabitants, equipment, and structure. With gas monitoring combined with temperature, humidity, and ambient light, it is well suited for schools, cinemas, hotels, Airbnbs, or other buildings where indoor air quality is essential for inhabitants’ security and comfort. Another significant benefit is the possibility of optimizing energy spending and lowering a building’s climate footprint.

The Box Radon Sensor is suitable for indoor environments and comes with an AC/DC power supply.


  • Monitor your building’s radon value in real-time
  • Temperature, Humidity, Ambient light, CO2
  • GPS - track where the sensor is located now
  • Visualize for tenants
  • Use the real-time radon value to optimize the ventilation system for climate, health, and cost
  • 10 minutes data update interval for HVAC control systems.
  • Mains operated. Power connection through external AC/DC adapter.
  • High sensitivity (30 cph/pCi/l) Radon-sensor
  • Accuracy and precision within 10% at 10pCi/l for Becquerel
  • Patented measurement technology
  • Each sensor is individually calibrated

Typical applications

Indoor air quality monitoring
radon combined with CO2, temperature, and relative humidity

Smart buildings and Energy Management
based on optimized ventilation and energy consumption only when sensor values are outside boundaries

Connection to Building Automation Systems

The open wireless standards in Sensative Radon connect to established PLCs and SCADA systems with improved insight into Indoor Air Quality.

Sensative’s Yggio DiMS platform can stream the data in real-time to any Building Management System for optimizations and automation.

Click here for more information, including product sheets, manuals, and tutorials.

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