Strips Guard 700 for Z-Wave

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Strips Guard 700

The invisible open/close window & door sensor with the latest Z-Wave technology

Strips Guard 700 is the game-changing magnetic sensor which in real-time monitors open/closed status changes in doors, windows, gates, and similar. Suitable for both in- and outdoor applications. 

Strips is one of the first sensors on the market with the latest Z-Wave technology. Strips comes with SmartStart to reduce the time for installation for service providers, installers, and end-users. It comes with a longer range of up to 100 meters (+150% compared with 500 series), increased security, and an even longer battery lifetime than before.

Creativity is the only limitation when it comes to discerning Smart Home & apartment applications. The sensor’s ultra-thin design (3mm) makes it perfect for mounting in narrow spaces where you can hide the sensors for functional, security, and esthetic reasons. Thanks to the enabling design, these magnetic sensors are also very suitable for monitoring the presence of paintings, sculptures, and other valuables, or signal when a drawer is opened. Employ our sensors and let your smart home or apartment system keep track of all windows & doors, to inform you of any status changes in real-time, and create automation directly through an app on your mobile device. 

Whether your interest is in smart home applications or IoT applications for businesses, using Z-Wave Strips sensors brings a wealth of valued features such as ultra-slim discreet form factor and low power consumption for extended battery life (up to 10 years).
For more information including product sheets, manuals, and tutorials, visit our products page.

If you are looking for IoT applications that require a longer range, or you have a need for sensors with more functionalities per sensor type, we highly recommend you to take a look at our LoRaWAN products here, which are developed with business applications in mind. 

You can find more information, tutorials and video here

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