Strips Multi-sensor +Drip for LoRaWAN

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Strips MS +Drip is an innovative ultra-thin (3mm) and wireless multi-sensor for LoRaWAN with water leak detection, developed for smart IoT applications such as building monitoring and operations. MS +Drip is excellent at detecting any water leakage and its slim and sturdy design makes it perfect for mounting concealed in small spaces. Moreover, with a battery life of up to 10 years, you can set it and forget it.

Apart from water leakage, MS +Drip provides temperature and magnetic open/close detection (suitable for applications such as windows and doors). This multifunctionality means that the more you realize your specific needs, the more value our sensors will bring to your company and its operations. Primary applications for MS +Drip are to alert in case of a water leak, and the temperature sensor can be used to alert if there is a risk of freezing pipes. Furthermore, integrated with a smart building system and other IoT devices, MS +Drip can automatically turn on/off water flow or sound an alarm to alert the user about the water leak.



Water leak sensor (capacitance)

Blend-in design (<3mm) 

Temperature sensor (± 1˚C/2 ˚F @ 0-30 ˚C)

No maintenance (10 years)

Magnetic contact sensor

Long-range (10 km)

Simple installation & mounting 

Low-lifecycle cost (multi-sensor, multi-purpose)


If LoRaWAN is new and you are interested in getting started with smart properties and IoT, you can also find Strips MS +Drip as part of our IoT starter kits for properties here.

Click here for more information, including product sheets, manuals, and tutorials. 

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