Holley - LoraWan Electricity meter

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Holley - LoraWan Electricity meter

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The DTZ541 LoRaWAN mME is a new innovative product that was developed for the Europeanmarket. The meter has a "LoRaWAN"  communication channel. With the LoRaWAN network, the meter can regularly send the defined measurement data to the server. This is a 400V 3 phase meter.

In/Outdoor usage Indoor
Sensor Power measure
Functionality 3 phase static DIN standard electronic meter, Daily freezing, Tamper alert
User interaction LED Display
Connectivity data
Protocols / Connectivity LoRaWAN, SML
Frequency EU868 - Europe 863-870 MHz
Operating Conditions
IP Class 51
Mechanical data
Width (mm) 170
Depth (mm) 291
Height (mm) 53
Yggio decoder holley-bes334c
Fortnox Article number SEN-30_074
Vendor article number 523
URL http://sv.holleymetering.com/three-phase-static-din-standard-electronic-meter-product
Manufacturer Holley Technology Ltd.