Kerlink Wirnet iStation
Kerlink Wirnet iStation
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    The Abeeway Compact Tracker is a higly versatile multi-mode tracker with embedded sensors combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRa TDoA geolocation technologies, supporting accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation. It has a compact and robust form factor, designed to resist harsh surroundings enabling asset tracking and management in any industrial environment.

    Application Tracking, Asset management
    In/Outdoor usage Indoor & Outdoor
    Sensor Geolocation
    Functionality multi-mode tracker, WiFi sniffer, LoRa positioning, BLE beaconing
    User interaction Unknown
    Connectivity data
    Protocols / Connectivity LoRaWAN
    Power supply
    Powered by Battery, 3x AA/3.6V ( Li-SOCl2)
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class 68
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 112
    Depth (mm) 33
    Height (mm) 66
    Yggio decoder abeeway-compact-tracker
    Fortnox Article number SEN-30_107
    Vendor article number DEABE502-198
    URL https://www.abeeway.com/compact-tracker/
    Manufacturer Abeeway