Strips Comfort 800 for Z-Wave

Square Tracker [L] for LoRaWAN
Square Tracker [L] for LoRaWAN
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Strips Guard 800 for Z-Wave
Strips Guard 800 for Z-Wave
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Strips Comfort 800 for Z-Wave

Strips Comfort 800 monitors temperature, air humidity, and ambient light (LUX) +Switch

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    Multi-sensor and actuator all in one for smart homes & apartments - with the latest Z-Wave technology

    Strips Comfort 800 is the discreet wireless humidity, temperature, and light (LUX) sensor that gives an excellent insight into your indoor environment, whether in your home, apartment, office, or any other building. With the Strips sliding button, you can manually control lights, ventilation, shades, and other IoT devices in your smart home or apartment.

    Strips is one of the first sensors on the market with the latest Z-Wave technology. Strips come with SmartStart to reduce the time for installation for service providers, installers, and end-users. In addition, it comes with a more extended range of up to 100 meters, increased security, and an even longer battery lifetime than before.

    Add these highly accurate functionalities for greater comfort and energy efficiency without adding complexity. Connected to your Z-Wave system, you can control the indoor climate, turn off lighting, raise your blinds, activate ceiling fans, turn off your AC system, etc. - there are many possibilities. Besides providing the data to keep your space in optimal climate conditions, they will also enable you to save money on energy expenses that are likely to make a big difference in your budget.

    Whether your interest is in smart home applications or IoT applications for businesses, using Z-Wave Strips sensors brings a wealth of valued features such as ultra-slim discreet form factor and low power consumption for extended battery life (up to 10 years).

    Top features:
    • Humidity sensor (3% accuracy)
    • Temperature sensor (± 0.4°C/0.72 °F)
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Included +Switch (manual switch for on/off, scenarios, light switch, etc.)
    Top benefits:
    • Discreet design (6 mm)
    • No maintenance (10 years)
    • Long-range (100 m direct)
    • Simple installation
    • Encrypted communication
    • 10+ years of battery life
    Application Room sensor
    Benefits Invisible design (<3mm), No maintenance (10 years), Long-range (100+ meters), Simple installation & mounting, Encrypted communication, 10+ years battery life
    In/Outdoor usage Indoor
    Sensor Temperature, Humidity, Light (LUX)
    Functionality +Switch (on/off button) included
    Connectivity data
    Frequency EU (868 MHz) or US (915 MHz)
    Protocols / Connectivity Z-Wave
    Z-Wave version 800 Series
    Z-Wave security S2 Security
    Z-Wave functionality Smart Start
    Sensor data
    Temperature accuracy ± 0.4 °C / 0.72°F
    Humidity accuracy +/- 3%
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class 65
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 15
    Depth (mm) 195
    Height (mm) 3
    More information
    Manual URL
    Packaging Installer or Retail 1-Pack
    Yggio decoder All z-wave
    Fortnox Article number 110202X_1
    Manufacturer Sensative
    Country of origin Poland
    Sensative limited warranty .pdf