Square Sound for LoRaWAN

Square Comfort for LoRaWAN
Square Comfort for LoRaWAN
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Strips Magnet
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Square Sound for LoRaWAN

The room sensor that also monitors noise

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    Take action against inadequate indoor environments!

    Creating a comfortable, organized, and distraction-free working environment in the office is essential. Additionally, it should have adequate lighting, comfortable temperature and humidity, good air circulation, reasonable sound levels, and stimulating spaces where productivity can thrive. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), environmental noise is the second most significant environmental cause of health problems after air pollution.

    The Square Sound is a versatile LoRaWAN-enabled multi-sensor designed to enhance indoor environments by monitoring and addressing sound quality and noise pollution issues. It accurately measures real-time, peak, and average noise levels, offering the flexibility to track these metrics over time or activate immediate alarms when sound exceeds pre-defined thresholds. This device is essential for creating healthier, more comfortable living and working spaces by ensuring sound levels remain within optimal ranges

    This unit features temperaturehumiditylight, and sound sensors, and low power consumption for 10 years of battery life. 

    The sensor features NFC for local device management. It is also location-aware, making it ideal for indoor mobile applications notifying you where the sensor is placed or if the sensor has been moved or removed.  

    The Square is easy to mount with the included adhesive or screws. You can easily remove the screw brackets if you do not want to use screw mounting.

    Application Asset management, Occupancy, Room sensor, Security, Temperature/Humidity, Sound level monitoring, Sound level alarms, Tracking
    Benefits Blend-in design, No maintenance (10 years), Long-range (2 km), Location-aware, Built-in data memory
    In/Outdoor usage Indoor
    Sensor Geolocation, Humidity, Ambient Light (Lux), Temperature, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Air pressure
    Accessories Cloud Positioning Service
    Configuration LoRaWAN OTAA, NFC
    Geopositioning WiFi
    Connectivity data
    Frequency EU (868 MHz) or India (868 MHz) or US (915 MHz) or AU915 - Australia 915 - 928 MHz or AS923-1 - Asia 902 - 928 MHz or KR920 - South Korea 902 - 928 MHz or AS923-2 - Asia 923-925 MHz
    Protocols / Connectivity LoRaWAN, NFC
    LoRaWAN version V 1.0.4
    LoRaWAN class Class A
    Sensor data
    Ambient light range 1 - 65 000 LUX
    Temperature accuracy +/- 0.2 °C
    Humidity accuracy 1.8% RH
    Sensor circuit Sensirion SHT40, Vesper VM3011, Avago APDS-9306
    Sound level range 45 - 91.5 dB SPL
    Power supply
    Powered by Non-replaceable battery, 4 Ah, Built-in battery (LiMn02)
    Operating Conditions
    Operating range -20 - +60 °C
    Mechanical data
    Weight (g) 55
    Width (mm) 58
    Depth (mm) 15
    Height (mm) 58
    Yggio decoder Unknown
    Manufacturer Sensative
    Country of origin Poland