Strips Multi-sensor +Drip Oil for LoRaWAN

Strips Presence for LoRaWAN
Strips Presence for LoRaWAN
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Puck Radar for LoRaWAN
Puck Radar for LoRaWAN
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Strips Multi-sensor +Drip Oil for LoRaWAN

Meet the unique ultra-slim multi-sensor with oil leak alarm for LoRaWAN

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    Strips MS +Drip Oil is an innovative ultra-thin (4mm) and wireless multi-sensor for LoRaWAN with water and oil leak detection, developed for smart IoT applications such as machine room monitoring and operations. MS +Drip Oil is excellent at detecting any oil or water leakage, and its slim and sturdy design makes it perfect for mounting concealed in small spaces. Moreover, with a battery life of up to 10 years, you can set it and forget it.

    Apart from oil and water leakage alerts, MS +Drip Oil provides temperature as well as magnetic open/close detection (suitable for applications such as windows and doors). This multi-functionality means that the more you realize your specific needs, the more value our sensors will bring to your company and its operations. The primary applications for MS +Drip Oil are to alert in case of a leak and verify if it is oil or water. But, with the included temperature sensor, you will also be alerted if there is a risk of freezing pipes. Furthermore, integrated with a smart building system and other IoT devices, MS +Drip Oil can automatically turn on/off a machine or water flow or sound an alarm to alert the user about the leak and limit further damage.

    • Blend-in design (4mm)
    • No maintenance (10 years)
    • Long-range (10 km)
    • Simple installation & mounting
    • Low-lifecycle cost (multi-sensor, multi-purpose)

    Application Water leak detection, Oil leak detection
    Benefits Blend-in design, No maintenance (10 years), Long-range (10 km), Simple installation & mounting, Low-lifecycle cost (multi-purpose multi-sensor)
    Sensor Oil leak, Temperature, Water leak, Open/Close
    Firmware update over the air (FOTA) No
    Connectivity data
    Frequency EU868 - Europe 863-870 MHz or US915 - US 902 - 928 MHz or AU915 - Australia 915 - 928 MHz or AS923-1 - Asia 902 - 928 MHz or IN865 - India
    Protocols / Connectivity LoRaWAN
    LoRaWAN version V 1.0.4
    LoRaWAN class Class A
    Antenna Integrated
    Sensor data
    Temperature accuracy ± 1 °C/ 1.8 °F @ 0-30 °C/32-86°F
    Sensor type Magnetic contact
    Power supply
    Powered by Battery, Built-in battery (LiMn02), 1,4 Wh (480 mA @ 3V), Non rechargeable battery
    Operating Conditions
    Operating temperature (max) +60°C
    Operating temperature (min) -20°C
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 15
    Depth (mm) 195
    Height (mm) 4
    More information
    Manual URL
    Battery calculator
    Payload decoder
    Yggio decoder Strips MS +Drip +Guard
    Fortnox Article number 130100X_194
    Manufacturer Sensative
    Country of origin Poland
    Packaging Installer
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